Top performance is standard

When top performance is required, industries rely on products from the Performance Materials Segment. This trust has a long tradition—and a promising future.

The name of the Performance Materials Segment says it all. All over the world, this segment’s business lines are often ranked among the top three in their respective industries, and it’s not unusual to find them in first place. These market positions have been earned with long and hard work—but holding on to them is even harder. The recipe for success is: “Don’t simply sell products; instead, make offers that go beyond the criteria of price, quality, and availability.”

Performance Materials mainly produces polymer materials and intermediate products that offer special application options to industrial customers— for example, additives that give plastics the light-stability, flexibility, long life, and versatility that we are used to today. What’s more, many products in agricultural and rubber chemistry could not be produced at all without precursor and intermediate products from Performance Materials.

As a result, Performance Materials and its products are crucial elements in its customers’ value creation processes. Many of these relationships have existed for a long time. To make sure things stay this way, the segment generates unconventional ideas and solutions every day to keep its customers impressed. It develops new needs-oriented business models that become the starting points for the further development of its business operations. In the future, Performance Materials aims to excel with products, processes, and online and offline services and solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs.  

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