Nutrition & Care

Getting closer to people

The markets of the Nutrition & Care Segment offer great growth opportunities and impose special responsibilities. The segment is well prepared for both.

The Nutrition & Care Segment helps to meet people’s daily needs. The products of its seven business lines have applications in the consumer goods we use daily, in animal feed, and in the area of healthcare.

This closeness to people’s daily lives requires a strong sense of responsibility but is also very motivating. Nutrition & Care serves growth markets that are driven by megatrends such as population growth, increasing life-expectancy, rising affluence, and public awareness of health and sustainability issues. Among other things, these megatrends are causing a growing demand for animal based foods, high-quality cosmetics, effective care and cleaning products, and high-performance materials for industry, construction, and home interiors. This segment is one of the pillars supporting Evonik’s growth. In order to continue its success in these attractive markets, Nutrition & Care is counting on its strategy of differentiation through customer orientation and innovation. That involves sophisticated technology platforms in biotechnology, silicone chemistry, oleochemistry, and catalysis, as well as dedicated and competent employees and a global presence.

Many of the solutions offered by this segment make a major contribution to sustainability in order to decouple rising standards of living from an increased use of resources. The segment aims to maintain and expand its leading position through innovation, customer intimacy, and shrewd investments.    

Markets and Business Lines