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Marl Chemical Park 

Our modern infrastructure has everything required by the chemical industry:

  • Established in 1938 as a production site for synthetic rubber

  • Now used as a production site for basic and specialty chemicals

  • 600 hectares of space

  • 40 hectares of open space

  • 2 wastewater treatment plants

  • 3 power plants

  • Canal connection with dedicated inland harbor, connection to overseas ports in Rotterdam and Antwerp via the River Rhine

  • Dedicated railway connection to the public rail system

  • Highway access at a distance of 1 km

  • Largest European inland harbor at a distance of 50 km

  • Düsseldorf International Airport at a distance of 72 km

  • Connection to the European pipeline network

  • 17 companies with approx. 100 production plants and approx. 10,000 employees