Chemical Park Marl

A strong team

Our integrated production offers multiple advantages for all involved parties.

Safety and Environment

The uniform health, environmental protection and safety policy at the Marl Chemical Park guarantees the highest standards. Evonik coordinates the work of joint occupational safety and environmental protection committees across different companies. This saves expenses for companies without compromising safety. As an additional advantage, companies in the park are not perceived as individual enterprises, but benefit from the size of the site when it comes to communicating with the authorities and the public.

Dedicated energy and media supply

The energy needs of the Chemical Park Marl are covered by two dedicated natural gas-fired power plants and a coal-fired power plant. They generate electricity and steam in an environmentally friendly cogeneration system, which ensures the sustainable processing of waste and exhaust gases from the production plants on site. Our competent energy management helps to save energy cost – for example by optimizing peak load.

Secure raw material supply

The raw material supply relies on pipelines, ships, railways, and trucks. The supply of ethylene, propylene, C4 hydrocarbons, benzene and natural gas is covered by pipelines. The internal pipeline network provides the operation with oxygen and compressed air as well as oxygen and nitrogen from an air separation plant in Marl.

Integrated production

The production facilities in the Marl Chemical Park are closely integrated into a material supply system and energy network. By-products from a production step that otherwise would need to be disposed of at high cost and may even cause environmental harm are used as a source material for other products. The exhaust heat from production is applied to additional chemical processes or steam generation, which in turn reduces cost and conserves resources. All of this creates synergies in the raw material and energy supply, which ultimately benefit you.