Acting Safely

preventing hazards

At the Marl Chemical Park, the emphasis is on SAFETY, because protecting people and the environment is our top priority.

We endeavor to operate production facilities at the site with zero accidents. This is ensured by well-trained employees as well as state-of-the-art monitoring and security systems. Over the past few decades, high safety standards have been developed that are continuously updated in line with the latest findings.

Staff take part in extensive safety briefings and regular emergency drills are conducted—in some cases in collaboration with the security forces. The aim is to ensure the highest possible level of plant and occupational safety.

To be prepared for any contingency, all of the companies at the Chemical Park have agreed to joint responsibility for emergency management. Professional emergency management begins with the right preparation. Any actions that need to be taken—from notifying first responders to preventing hazards to informing neighbors and the authorities—are set down in alarm and emergency plans and periodically reviewed.