Plant Fire Department

A strong team

After being alerted, the Plant Fire Department can reach any point in the Marl Chemical Park in no more than five minutes. This allows fires to be smothered very early on and normally prevented from spreading.

For professional fire-fighting, a wide range of equipment is available—from special fire trucks for fighting industrial fires to special extinguishing agents to equipment for operations using hazardous materials.

The highly qualified employees work around the clock in shifts. In addition to firefighting, they are responsible for preventive fire protection. This includes developing fire safety concepts for construction projects. Through the extensive knowledge of staff in the area of firefighting and emergency response, fire protection concepts can be tailored to the risks, ensuring optimal dovetailing of the measures for preventive and precautionary fire protection. Giving fire extinguisher training courses for staff is another of the variety of tasks carried out by the Plant Fire Department.


The responsibility of the Plant Fire Department does not end at the limits of the Marl Chemical Park. It is a member of the chemical industry’s transport/accident information and assistance system (TUIS). This voluntary service is available nationwide around the clock to the fire department, police, and authorities should accidents occur during transportation of hazardous goods and provides assistance to the public emergency response on request.